H-uraboku murasametoko

Toko Murasame is a Zweilt guardian. She is also the older sister of Tsukumo Murasame.


Toko is a bright, cheerful girl who cares for those around her. She has a close bond with her brother and cares for him deeply.


Her ring like the other Zweilts produces a huge sword called Eon (eternity) when necessary in battle. She attends the same high school as her brother and their closeness makes many other girls jealous of her.


She is a very beautiful young lady who appears to be in her mid-teens one year older than Yuki and most of the Zweilts. She has waist-length ash-bronze hair with golden eyes. She is also tall and slim.


  • Tsukumo Murasame : Toko and Tsukumo are siblings and Zweilt partners.They share a close bond and care deeply for each other.
  • Yuki Giou: Toko and Yuki are friends and distant cousins.They get along really well and Toko always worries about him. She believes Yuki is a person "too kind for his own good".
  • Luka Crosszeria: Toko is the person Luka interacts the most(besides Yuki). At start,Toko blushes around him and when asked whether she's in love with him she denies it and says that Luka just resembles a lover she had in her previous life. Despite that she wants Luka to talk to Yuki about their past and get together.
  • Hotsuma Renjou: Toko and Hotsuma argue very often due to their different personalities but they they get along well.