Yuki Giou


Yuki Giou (Formerly; Sakurai)


Yuki Giou - 祗王 夕月

Yuki Sakurai - 桜井 夕月




Male (Current)

Female (Formally)


Luka Crosszeria- Former lover (When formally female)

Ibuki Shikibe - Maternal Aunt

Tsubaki Shikibe - Maternal Aunt

Mizuki Shikibe - Mother


God's Light


Luka Crosszeria

Yuki is the main protagonist of Uraboku and is the "Master" of the Zweilts as well as the holder of "God's Light."


Yuki has short ash-bronze hair and the Giou clan's golden eyes.

In his previous life when he was female, Yuki had long bronze hair that reached her waist and she was always seen wearing a long white gown.Yuki appears to be the second shortest character in the series.


Yuki is very polite and kind-hearted towards anyone and everyone, shouldering their pain and sadness. Though the weight of bearing their "sins" is quite painful to himself, he is not one to give up easily nor is he sad all of the time. He prefers to smile and try his best at whatever he's doing no matter how hard the task.


Yuki is the bearer of the "Light of God", a divine power that first and foremost gives him access to people’s emotions and memories if he touches them when they are in emotional pain. At a younger age, he thought of himself as weird for having this power but soon comes to terms with it as the story progresses. He also discovers another aspect of the "Light of God" – the power to heal wounds (Which he does for the Zweilts) and soothe people’s hearts.

However, Duras cannot stand this light and are destroyed by it apart from Luka, who has a contract with Yuki.

His special technique is the "Halo Wall" which protects those inside it from harm. However, this technique takes a severe toll on Yuki. The "Halo Wall" consumes a lot of energy even when only used shortly. Yuki ended up sleeping for two whole days when he used this technique for the first time. It was also shown that his power can run amok when he is under great emotional stress, and when it does "it dispels all darkness." The light produced by this instantly killed Hyde in the anime.


  • Yuki's hobbies are making protection charms and martial arts